In my works, I explore the relationship between the mind and the body. Since mental health is an increasingly popular topic of public debate, through my art, I wish to examine the ways people can reconcile with their inner self and the psychological states they experience.

Most of the projects in my portfolio are both personal and public, dealing with the blurry boundaries between a person’s identity and their memories. I create works that help to mediate these two elements of one’s psyche, to bridge the gap between the things people feel and those they perceive.My artistic practice is therefore a way of self-discovery. It is a careful process of constructing my own identity. By bringing shattered memories together and juxtaposing them with each other, I am able to anchor myself in a particular biographical, psychological, and emotional context.

Experimentation lies at the core of my work. I explore various materials and media, with painting and photography being the means of representations I use most often. They allow me to play with the viewers’ expectations or preconceptions, so that they may discover the unsteady link between the imagined and the observed.